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Training from NLR : Applied CFD for aircraft aerodynamic analysis and design
31 Oct 2014 • Read : 2569 x ,

  1. Description

With rapid advances in computer technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become a tool of interest covering a wide base of industrial applications. CFD is used not only in &D or new product development phase, but also in later stages of the product's life-cycle such during operation, maintenence and repair (MRO). A reliable use of CFD analysis and design tools requires and expertise equipped with a sufficiently accurate numerical algoritm and adequate computing power. An effective application of CFD requires a skilled deployment of:

  • insight into the relationship between performance, flow physics and geometries,
  • techniques in the analysis and design to support crucial engineering decisions.

The aim of the short course is to provide a sound foundation for a reliable and effective use of CFD. The activities onsist of lectures and a workshop, covering three main themes:

  • Fundamentals of aircraft aerodynamics assessment
  • Aerodynamic analysis principles and practice
  • Aerodynamic design principles and practice

The lectures will be delivered by Dr. B.I. Soemarwoto. During the workshop, an active role is expected from the participants as they will have hands-on experience:

  • to plan and perform CFD simulations,
  • to conduct parametric studies for both numerical and physical parametes,
  • to analyze computational results including flow visualization,
  • to present and discuss key results.

Upon comlpletion of the short course , the participants wil be able to specify requirements of analysis and design processes involving CFD, and make specifics judgments of the results.

  1. Facilitiy to be provided by LAPAN/participants
  2. Facility to be provided by NLR
  3. Schedule and Contents
  4. Profile of Dr.Ir. Bambang I. Soemarwoto

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