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Lapan Surveillance UAV 02 (LSU 02)
17 Sep 2020 • Read : 7053 x ,

Unmanned aircraft or often called PTTA or PUNA or generally referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vechile (UAV) technology is relatively new and very interesting. Some aspects of this UAV technology development lies in the performance like a manned aircraft.

Fly performance that usually discussed by the actors and the fans of this technology are:

- Flying range ability (long distance)
- Ability to fly a long time (long Endurrance)
- Ability to fly automatically (autonomous fliying)
- The ability to take off and landing

These abilities become benchmarks and technological achievements and innovations of an unmanned aircraft, which is concerning aspects of innovation aircraft (aircraft design) propulsion, avionics and aerodynamics.

LSU plane 02 is the product of Aeronautics Technology Center which is a UAV aircraft that has conducted numerous missions surveillance, the aircraft is classified as Tactical UAV, it has been able to fly in outonomous and pretty much take a flying range of about 200 KM.

LSU 02 Fly from Runway Navy Ships

UAV Aircraft Specifications:

- ± 200 cm body length (composite)
- The length of wings (wing span) 250 cm
- Engine 10 hp / 5 ltr
- Endurrance 5 hours
- Maximum distance of 450 km
- Communication telementri 900 MHz with power 1 watt
- Equipped with an automatic system (outonomous flying system)
- 3 kg payload capacity

Operating Experience:

- Nusawiru (1 st flight tests)
- Rumpin (4 th flight tests)
- October 2012 Operation Sea Fleet Ambalat Jaya 2012 in North Sulawesi (Navy Operation at Ambalat Sea)
- February 2013 Test Flight endurance Pameungpeuk
- Operation Latgab ABRI-2013-Situbondo Bawean Island, East Java)
- Recording MURI, Pameungpeuk - Pangandaran PP

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